Throughout my pieces, I illustrate the gradual growth of depression, realization, confidence and self-love. Towards the beginning, the sprouts represent hope that something is to grow in the future. As the flowers begin to bloom, the individual in the piece is beginning to grow mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. By the end of my concentration, the flowers are in full bloom to illustrate the individual reaching a place of peace and joy after being in such a low, dark life. Positive affirmations are essential in the beginning stages of making positive changes in one’s thoughts. I included these affirmations on each piece to emphasize the individual message of each piece and leave an inspiring stain on the heart of the viewer. Through the simplistic drawings and bold colors, the soft illustrations complimented by the coordinating words, my pieces encourage hope and empower the viewer to accept their feelings and use their journey to spread joy and positivity to empower and support those around them.

- Sarah